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Tom Stark established Precision Designs in 2008 with a passion for building extreme cars with ultimate performance and show-stopping looks.


“I grew up in a family that lived cars, every weekend I would look forward to which Rod Run we were going to. As I grew older, I was able to hang around Hot Rod and machine shops with my Dad and was always excited to see what they were going to create next.”


All this influenced Tom to pursue machining. While attending high school, Tom attended tech school as well and participated in the VICA club. During this time, he went to the State Championship where he and a partner placed first in their divisions. From there he was awarded a top ten-in-the-nation accolade.

Out of school Tom worked at a general machine shop, injection mold shop, die shop, and a CNC shop. After proving he had grit and talent, he went on to work as a machinist in the aerospace industry.  But the dream of building cars never ceased and with the encouragement of a great friend and then boss, he went on to pursue the dream.


For seven years Tom went to work at Zoomers Automotive here in Denver. During this time, he honed his skills and,“made some pretty neat stuff and built some bitchen cars!”

Tom went on to work at Pinkees Rod Shop in Windsor, CO. There he learned how to finish a car to the highest standard, a standard which is executed to this day.

“I built things there that a lot of guys only dream of. It was a lot of fun to work with a group of talent like we had at Pinkees and we kept each other on our toes at all times.”

Then came Precision Designs. ‘Precision Designs’ represents the meticulous, attention-to-detail we achieve and our passion for automotive engineering and design. When this passion and talent come to fruition, beautiful cars are brought to life, aggressive cars and trucks are built to knock your socks off, and pieces of automotive (and family) history are preserved. It is a great privilege to work for and to be a part of such a great community of racers and rodders, to whom we say thanks!

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